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Online live streaming – worldwide, here to be of service on your wellness journey….

Schedule is PST – scroll for FAQs or message us below, we hope to hear from you


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Pop up locations TBD.

No extra equipment is needed, just your yoga mat (or towel if you are traveling without a mat) and possibly water is good to have on hand. Some classes we may use a block as a prop or light hand weights, however, if you do not have these, it will be plenty fine.

Great question! Sign up online and those that do not attend will receive the recording promptly after class. The recording is available for 48 hours to do at your convenience.

No, this is a regular strongish, vinyasa yoga class. The energetic music provides a fun atmosphere that helps relieve us from a possibly busy mind. In the end, we feel relaxed, refreshed and ready for anything!

Yes! In fact, there are over 100 recordings at a discounted price ($10/each) and available for 24 hours once purchased. Many of these are from live recordings so it’s nearly as good as the live class. Click here to see the library.